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As a homeowner, you’re probably all too familiar with the frustration caused by slow or stopped drains. Drain clogs and blockages are a fact of life: it’s not a matter of if one will happen, but simply a matter of when. Everything from kitchen sink drains to bathroom fixture drains to perimeter and landscaping drains can all eventually clog up, move slowly, and lead to annoying, unsanitary, and possibly even dangerous conditions.

However, taking the wrong approach to eliminating your clog problem could also have detrimental consequences, and that’s why you should trust the Cape Coral drain cleaning experts at Gator Drain & Plumbing to get your plumbing moving again.

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What Causes Drain Clogs?

Clogs usually form as a result of debris and certain types of waste infiltrating your drain lines. In many cases this is expected—we depend on our drain and sewer lines to carry away certain types of waste for us. This includes things like hair, soap scum, waste, grease and oils, and so much more. However, over time these types of waste can stick to the walls of your drain line and catch other bits of waste until the collection accumulates into a flow-blocking clog.

How Often Should you have your Main Drains Cleaned?

It is recommended by our plumbers to have your drain cleaned at least once every two years. This will help prevent any clogs and slow drains, which we all know can be annoying. If you are already seeing signs of slow drains before the recomennded time, be sure to reach out to your local plumber.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Tools & Methods To Remove Clogs From All Types Of Drains, Including:

  • Bathroom drains
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen drains
  • Perimeter drains
  • Garage or utility drains
  • Washing machine drains

Do You Need Professional Hydro Jetting?

Whenever you are experiencing any signs of a drain clog, it is recommended you bring in a professional plumber to evaluate your plumbing system. If you neglect a clog for too long it can continue to build up, eventually leading to a complete blockage.

This can result in a burst pipe, sewer backup, mold, and even health hazards, among a range of other problems. Watch for any of the following indications that may signal an issue with your drain and give our hydro jetting team a call right away.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain:

  • If you smell unpleasant, sewage-like odors emitting from the drains
  • If your toilets aren’t working properly or are having trouble flushing
  • If water is slow to drain or backing up in your sinks, showers, or bathtubs
  • If you hear sounds similar to gurgling or bubbling
  • If multiple drains throughout the property are clogged or there are repeated clogs

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Gator Drain & Plumbing prefers to use “jetting” to remove clogs from drains whenever possible. Jetting uses a high-pressure jet of water to blast away debris that has accumulated on your drain line walls, eliminating not just the clog you’re dealing with, but other scum buildup at the same time.

Hydro Jetting is a fast and effective process, but is also safe for your plumbing and for your home as it uses no dangerous chemicals or tools that could damage a plumbing line. This process is also significantly more effective than most other methods and can eliminate all traces of a clog for good.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Businesses throughout Cape Coral and the surrounding communities have come to trust the team at Gator Drain & Plumbing because they know we’re going to get the job done fast, done right, and done on a schedule that works for you. We use the latest tools to ensure even the biggest and most difficult clogs are effortlessly and thoroughly eliminated and you can go back to business as usual.

Our team has been trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the community, including major business names like Costco, Target, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Tractor Supply Co., Walmart, and so many others. We are more than equipped to handle the drain cleaning needs of these customers, and we’re prepared to handle your most pestering clogs in your business too!

Have A Clogged Drain? We Can Help!

Gator Drain & Plumbing understands how annoying drain clogs can be. Whether you own your home or run a business, we offer services that countless others depend on for a job done right. Our team has been relied upon because we know how to “Gator done!” We guarantee your satisfaction and work diligently to ensure that every drain cleaning service we provide lives up to our rigorous standards of quality. You can always expect world-class customer service from our skilled technicians.

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